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    Cook Matcha 1kg


    Powdered Green Tea for blending and cooking. 100% natural. Basic culinary grade. An economical choice for your daily recipes. Suitable for all kinds of beverages and desserts. This grade is actually used by a lot of industrial food companies and grocery stores. Maximum nutrition at minimal cost and ideal for blending with cereals and yogurt.

  • Cook Matcha Eco 1kg


    【Expected Arrival Date: 05/06/2020】Organic Matcha for blending and cooking. Basic grade among culinary Matcha. Cook Matcha Eco is made from 100% organic tencha. No additives, no preservatives, sugar free. Perfect for lattes, smoothies and other pastries. Pale green color and faint aroma. EU Organic Certified. Actually, this product is used by a lot of organic food companies and pharmaceutical stores.