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Green Tea Leaf

We are proud of our top quality collection of Japanese green tea. All kinds of tea has an excellent balance of quality and value. Direct shipment from Uji and Nishio of Japan.

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  • Koi Sencha Tokujyo 1kg


    Extra best quality Japanese Green Tea Sencha. We bring this product directly from our tea factory in Nishio, Aichi, Japan. We guarantee the freshness of the product. Koi Sencha Tokujyo is noted for its delicate sweetness, mild astringency, deep umami, and flowery-green aroma. Stimulating tea.  Ideal brewing temperature 70ºC. The tea will be ready to be served after 60 seconds.

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    Koi Gyokuro 50g


    Our Koi Gyokuro is a blend of 3 prefectures Mie, Aichi and Fukuoka of Japan and we guarantee its freshness as we bring this product directly from our Matcha factory in Nishio, Japan. Rich aroma and mellow sweet flavour. Rich in amino acid and L-theanine which promotes relaxation. Ideal brewing temperatuer 50ºC - 60ºC.