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  • Cook Matcha Eco 1kg


    Organic Matcha for blending and cooking. Basic grade among culinary Matcha. Cook Matcha Eco is made from 100% organic tencha. No additives, no preservatives, sugar free. Perfect for lattes, smoothies and other pastries. Pale green color and faint aroma. EU Organic Certified. Actually, this product is used by a lot of organic food companies and pharmaceutical stores.

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    KOI Sencha 40 bags


    The Matcha House's best luxury tea bags. Koi Sencha consists of 2.5grams of pure high-quality Uji Sencha leaf.  Produced in Ujidawara, Kyoto, known for excellent quality of green tea in Japan. 40 sachets of 2.5grams of pyramid shaped are packed in a re-sealable package ensuring freshness. Per bag you can enjoy 2 cups of tea. 40 bags(80 servings). For a quick and convenient cup of authentic Japanese green tea. Ideal brewing temperature 90ºC. The tea will be ready to be served after 60 seconds.

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    Koi Sencha Tokujyo 100g


    Extra best quality Japanese Green Tea Sencha. We bring this product directly from our tea factory in Nishio, Aichi, Japan. We guarantee the freshness of the product. Koi Sencha Tokujyo is noted for its delicate sweetness, mild astringency, deep umami, and flowery-green aroma. Stimulating tea. Ideal brewing temperature 70ºC. The tea will be ready to be served after 60 seconds.

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    Select Matcha Eco 30g


    Select Matcha Eco is the highest grade organic Matcha that we have ever had. Usucha grade. Matcha for sipping. This new product was born in great nature of Kagoshima. Misty climate, pure water, rich soil, clear air, severe summer and winter, these nature conditions and tea farmers efforts gave birth to this highest level Matcha tea. EU Organic Certified. 

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    Classic Matcha 30g


    Tea ceremony grade Koicha style Matcha. The highest quality Matcha within our Matcha product range. Matcha for sipping. Bright green color and mild and intense flavor. 1st harvest from the spring crop. Ideal to enjoy as a frothy drink. This product is absolutely top quality and strongly recommended for true Matcha fans.