We can deliver our Tea in bulk packs to meet any of your manufacturing needs and, thus, you’ll be able to take our products directly to your manufacturing facilities. Whether you are a drinks bottler or a foods processor, we can supply our goods in a way that is convenient for you. We will make sure that our packs meet all your storage and handing requirements and we will properly provide all the product’s specs, analysis and certificates. Everything you need to ease your process of using our products.

for industrial use

ingredients and supplements

in your facilities

industry-friendly deliveries

conveniently packed

your packaging requirements

for foods and drinks

for any processing industry

Specs. & Quality reqs.

with proper certifications


We work with our channel partners to assure that all our products are delivered to every possible point of use, being it a shop, a bakery where they bake cakes and bread, an ice-cream kiosk or a gourmet shop. We know that our products are both consumed as teas or used as ingredients and colourants, thus, we strive to make them available to every possible customer no matter where they are in the supply chain or distribution channel.

for points of sale

reselling our products

food/drinks artisans

cooking with green tea

bakeries and pastries

high temperature cooking

icecreams and drinks

or just cold smoothies

gourmets & specialties

innovative cuisine


Do you want to sell our products labeled with your own brand and corporate design? Our private label program is right for you. We will take your designs and used them to label our products directly in our factory in Japan. We will schedule the production lots according to your supply needs to ensure that you have the right amounts of product at the right time. All we need from you are the labels and the specs you want to use for branding our products, alongside with your demand needs.

your corporate image

your own branding

your design & layout

labeling our products

your specs & needs 

to ensure proper communication

your format and package 

for your supply chain

right amount & timing

scheduling production plans


For those customers that want to serve our teas in their restaurants and cafeterias, we do also offer great conditions on all our products. Being it fine restaurants, tea shops, food and restaurant chains or any other on-trade business, you will find that our programs just fit your supply needs and your budget. We have been partnering with these businesses for over a decade now and we exactly know their needs and expectations. Reach out and ask for further information.

for fine restaurants

where fine teas are served

for tea & coffe shops

for every-day enjoyment

food & Rest. chains

building your own identity

caterings & events

serving big groups

any on-trade business

looking to serve best teas


If you’d like to host a tasting of our Japanese green teas, demonstration or training on how to cook with our products, we can arrange the right event for you. Interested in learning the insights of the Japanese Tea Ceremony? Our certified instructors and sommeliers will show and teach you every single aspect of it. Want a workshop where your peers and colleagues will cook their own recipes with green tea? We regularly organize these types of events or will do it specially for you. Ask us how!

cooking workshops

learn to cook with our Teas

demostr. & tastings

try before you buy

japanese tea ceremony

discover a milenary tradition

events & conferences 

learn from our sommeliers

trade shows demos

for doing business

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