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  • Classic Matcha 500g

    €314.18 -10% €349.09

     Koicha  Tea ceremony grade Koicha style Matcha. Matcha for sipping. The highest quality Matcha within our Matcha product range. Bright green color and mild and intense flavour. 1st harvest from the spring crop. Ideal to enjoy as a frothy drink. This product is absolutely top quality and strongly recommended for true Matcha fans.

  • Select Matcha Eco 500g

    €194.40 -10% €216.00

     Ceremonial Grade Matcha    Organic Usucha-Koicha   If you would like to purchase a large amount of Select Matcha Eco in bulk, this large bag is an excellent value. Select Matcha Eco is the highest grade organic Matcha that we have ever had. Usucha grade. You can use it for Koicha too. Matcha for sipping. This new product was born in great nature of Kagoshima. Misty climate, pure water, rich soil, clear air, severe summer and winter, these nature conditions and tea farmers efforts gave birth to this highest level Matcha tea. EU Organic Certified. 

  • Cook Matcha Eco 100g

    €15.36 -20% €19.20

     Organic   Culinary  COOK MATCHA ECO is organic Matcha for blending and cooking. Basic grade organic culinary Matcha. Made from 100% organic tencha. No additives, no preservatives, sugar free.  Pale green color and bitter taste. Suitable for industrial use. This grade has a strong bitterness, so it is ideal for making Matcha sweets that you want to take advantage of the bitterness of Matcha. This grade is also used as a secret ingredient to adjust the bitterness of Matcha.

  • Genmai 100g

    €5.12 -30% €7.32

     IRI GENMAI     30% descuento por corta fecha de consumo preferente: 10/07/2024   For tea. Genmai 100g is toasted glutinous brown rice to prepare Genmaicha, which is very aromatic and has slightly nutty taste. 100% of raw material from Japan. Genmai contains excellent nutrients, such as gamma oryzanol, a type of polyphenol, GABA, a type of amino acid, vitamines, minerals, etc. with high content of dietary fiber. Due to these nutrients, it has a range of positive effects on human body, for example, improve skin condition, prevent lifestyle disease: hypertension, obesity, diabetes, etc., increase metabolism, among other things. Also GAVA serves to reduce stress and promote a state of effortless calm.