Do you want to sell our products labelled with your own brand and corporate design? Our private label program is right for you. We will take your designs and use them to label our products directly in our factory in Japan. We will schedule the production batches according to your supply needs to ensure that you have the right amounts of product at the right time. All we need from you are the labels and the specs you want to use for branding our products, alongside with your supply needs.

Your Corporate Image

Bring your corporate image and branding to our suite of products. We can pack and label all our products to meet your branding needs. We just need that you provide us with the labels you want for every product and we will bring them to our production facilities: we will use them in our production lines just as we use ours.

Your Design & Layout

Who knows your branding needs better than you? Just to make sure that the products are labelled exactly as you wish, we will request you to provide us with the files that contain the artwork and the layouts. Our team will work with you to make sure that the labels you design match the container where they’ll be placed.

Your Specs & Requirements

Eventually and with some restrictions, we can add modifications and variants to the products you need. As long as those requirements are compatible with our product availability, quality and safety we will work with you to have the product you need.

Your Format & Packaging

Being that you need the products for retail sale, wholesale or industrial use, we will supply them with the format and packaging of your choice: from 30g can to 10kg big bag, we can use any available format grouped and packed at your convenience. We label, pack and ship all our private label batches directly from our manufacturing facilities in Japan.

With the Right Amounts & Timing

We understand that your request to have you own-labelled products need to meet your customers demands at the right pace, at the right timing. We will plan our production batches according to your demand plan thus, we will ensure that the product you receive is the right one, with the right amounts, at the proper timing.

Most-used products for private labeling