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The Matcha House is a company specialized in the import and distribution of high quality Matcha green tea. The company was founded in Barcelona by Yoko Yakushiji, a Japanese woman with an official title of Japanese Tea Advisor. The Matcha House offers a wide range of possible grades, from ceremonial grade to culinary grade to meet the needs of matcha tea lovers and more demanding chefs. To ensure the greatest possible freshness of Matcha, each month realizes air shipments from its Matcha factory in Japan. In this way, the company offers a totally fresh product that keeps intact all its organoleptic properties. The entire range of Matcha teas is cultivated and packaged by Aoi Seicha in the city of Nishio, Aichi Prefecture, with whom the company has an agreement for more than 10 years. For more than a decade, The Matcha House has strived to provide a first-class service to its customers and the result of these are the excellent valuations that the company has both in product quality and in the excellence of its service. A good part of the success among the company's clients is due to the excellent relationship it has with Aoi Seicha who provide the highest standards of quality and food safety in the entire manufacturing and packaging process. The main activity of The Matcha House is the sale and wholesale distribution of Japanese green tea with both its own brand and the private brands of its customers. Likewise, its entire range of teas is available online for the private client, as well as a wide variety of utensils and instruments for tea preparation. The company periodically organizes tea tastings and training courses and workshops on the Japanese tea ceremony. In 2019, we celebrated our 10th anniversary with the inauguration of our own new tea plantation in Nishio, Japan. Nishio tea plantation is huge and Nishio Matcha is an excellent example of a regional brand. Thanks to AOI SEICHA, we have launched this new tea plantation. We are ready to share and celebrate great news with all of you who support us. We will do everything possible to provide our best service so that you can enjoy our best teas continuously and this year we hope we can share pleasant and commemorative moments with all of you. Thank you for your continued support.

Yoko Yakushiji
CEO & Founder
The Matcha House Europe, SL

Aoi Seicha, Our Partner in Nishio, Japan

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Aoi Seicha es un fabricante especializado de té verde en polvo seguro y de calidad fina. El rendimiento de tencha con la agricultura orgánica tradicional producida por los productores de té contratados en la Prefectura de Aichi ocupa el primer lugar en Japón. En particular, The Matcha House almacena, empaqueta y etiqueta todos sus productos en las instalaciones de Aoi Seicha para cumplir con los requisitos de nuestros clientes en base a múltiples productos y pequeños lotes. Al trabajar junto con Aoi, podemos suministrar el mejor té verde japonés que cada empresa, en cada industria, necesita.

Our main production location for Matcha is in the Nishio region in Aichi prefecture, near the center of the Japanese main island of Honshu. Nishio is one of the most important regions in production of “Tencha” – raw material which makes Matcha, the typical Japanese powdered green tea used both for the traditional tea ceremony and for cooking. Rich in the historic success of Matcha cultivation, the Nishio region is one of Japan’s best kept tea secrets. Along the Yahagi River there is a high hill called Inariyama, where our Tencha is cultivated. The fields extend over more than 150 hectares and annually produce 350 tons of Tencha in Nishio. One reason that this is a privileged place for the manufacture of Matcha is that the composition of the red earth and sands for the area provides good water drainage. Another is that thanks to Yahagi river, the earth keeps the humidity level necessary for the proper growth of Tencha. Its geographic location and temperate climate have helped get rid of the effects fortunately. These abundant resources make us one of the most diversified matcha supplier in the world.

Nishide Seichajyo, Our Partner in Uji, Japan

Our premium Koi Series tea bags are grown in the hills around Ujidawara in Kyoto. In this famous region some of the best quality Japanese teas are produced. Green tea is not fermented unlike black tea and the green tea’s life is much shorter than other teas. The Matcha House is faithful to its mission to select the best quality green tea, pack them with special formats and bring them by air to provide the products in the best condition to its customers.



We receive our shipments every month directly from our Matcha factory in Japan. This ensures that we are always stocked with the freshest Matcha tea powder. The Matcha House was founded as the European sales office of Aoi Seicha Co., Ltd of Japan, one of the largest and most reliable Matcha factory in Japan, with the purpose of establishing permanent and stable field operations of Matcha Green Tea outside Japan. Based in Barcelona, we sell and distribute high-quality Matcha in a wide array of possible grades, from Ceremonial grade to culinary to meet the needs of the most demanding chefs. In order to assure the freshness and quality of our products, we bring all products by air immediately after produced and we never hold stocks for a long time. Our logistics are built on the basis of keeping fresh supply readily available. We only keep a buffer supply for emergencies or change in demand.


In 2013 we started working with Nishide Seichajyo, one of the most reliable Green Tea factories located in Ujidawara, Kyoto, Japan in order to bring the highest quality Green Tea to Europe. Our Koi series Green Tea Tea Bags and Organic Loose Leaf Teas are manufacturered in this factory. We have just started importing Koi Wakocha – the best quality Japanese Black Tea from Nishide Seichajyo. Our Koi Tea Bags are mainly loved by Japanese customers who live in Europe.


We strictly follow food & beverage safety and certification requirements. All our organic products are JAS/EU certified. To ensure our customers receive the most authentic, high quality Matcha with the highest safety standards in the industry, our Tea Farms’ efforts for safe and stable supply is essential. We can submit all necessary documents and certificates according to your necessity. We provide 100% natural product. Nothing has been added or taken away. So Matcha is totally a naturally health ingredient and scientific analysis is available upon request.


Our Founder Yoko Yakushiji is a Japanese lady and she is an official Japanese Green Tea Advisor who belongs to Japan Tea Instructor Association. She has 11 years’ experience of Japanese Green Tea seminars in Europe. We can offer most authentic green tea quality selected by her.


Our Tea Ceremony teacher, Nuria Maeda has been giving Tea Ceremony Bontemae classes for over 5 years in The Matcha House’s room in Barcelona. She is an official teacher from Urasenke Tea School. We are enjoying her Tea Ceremony classes one a month, tasting our best Matcha green tea and handmade traditional Japanese confectionery, together with the participants from all over the world.


Our team try to deliver your order as quick as possible. Our standard delivery time is 24h for Spain, Portugal, Andorra and 3-4 days to other European countries. 


The Matcha House enjoys long term relationships with our clients. This is primarily due to our high quality support services and most affordable prices. We pride ourselves on our flexible and quick service. Our wide product line-up helps our customer to find the best tea for him and you can count on our customer-oriented support service from firt order. Expect best quality teas and excellent friendly customer service from us!