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  • Yamamichi Bon


     Tea Ceremony Tools   Japanese Lacquered Tray. Sando Bon.

    Size: 28cm

    Material: resin

    Made in Japan

  • Sencha Eco 1kg


     Uji tea   High Quality Organic Sencha    SENCHA ECO 1kg is a superior grade Uji Sencha (Japanese green tea). Region: Uji, Kyoto. Harvest: Spring. Excellent fine flavour. Ingredients: Organic Japanese green tea. Ideal brewing temperature 70ºC. The tea will be ready to be served after 60 seconds. This tea is ideal for cold brewing too.

  • Matcha Chocolate Eco 5 +...


     Save 10%  According to customer requests, we created this pack. Now a pack of 5 units of MATCHA CHOCOLATE ECO and 5 units of HOJICHA CHOCOLATE ECO is available! Ingredients from organic farming. [Ingredients of MATCHA CHOCOLATE ECO] Raw cane sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, extra virgin olive oil, Matcha tea, Kabusecha tea, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin) and vanilla.[Ingredients of HOJICHA CHOCOLATE ECO]Raw cane sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, extra virgin olive oil, Hojicha tea, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin) and vanilla. Keep in a cool and fry place. May contain traces of nuts. Product of Spain. Lot number & Best before (day/month/year): see bottom of the package.

  • Online Class - Tea ceremony...


    We are currently preparing a new project "Japanese tea ceremony style hospitality Class". Shortly, we will start this project with our two tea ceremony instructors coming from Japan so that our customers can learn simplified casual Japanese Tea Ceremony" even from a distance. For more than 10 years, The Matcha House has hosted numerous tea ceremony classes in Barcelona. Many people from far away participated in our classes. Now we would like to provide our clients who live far away to prepare traditional Matcha tea correctly under the guidance of our instructor and learn about Japanese tea ceremony. The price includes a basic ceremony kit.