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  • Darjeeling Black Tea Powder...

    €47.88 -40% €79.80

    Powdered black tea for blending and cooking. Darjeeling tea is a type of tea grown in the Darjeeling district in West Bengal in India. It is also called “The Champagne of teas”, and has a floral aroma and sweet flavour with a musky spiciness, which is sometimes described as “muscatel”. Darjeeling Black Tea Powder is the Darjeeling tea cultivated and produced in India produced without dyes nor preservatives and grained in our factory in Japan. It is easy to mix and ideal to prepare wide variety of foods, like cakes, cookies, icecreams, chocolates, etc.

  • ICED Sencha 20 bags

    €16.92 -6% €18.00

    High quality Sencha tea bags for cold brewing. In case of cold brewing, caffein is not extracted so you can enjoy the smooth and mellow taste of green tea without any bitter notes. It is the perfect refreshing drink for a hot and humid summer days. 20 teabags of 5g triangle shaped teabag for 1 to 2 litro pitcher are packed in an aluminium zipper pouch. Direct from Matcha factory in Nishio, Japan.

  • Koi Gyokuro 1kg

    €214.32 -6% €228.00

    Our Koi Gyokuro is a blend of 3 prefectures Mie, Aichi and Fukuoka of Japan and we guarantee its freshness as we bring this product directly from our Matcha factory in Nishio, Japan. Rich aroma and mellow sweet flavour. Rich in amino acid and L-theanine which promotes relaxation. Ideal brewing temperatuer 50ºC - 60ºC.

  • Sweet Matcha 1kg

    €39.04 -20% €48.80

    Special offer due to short best use date 18/12/2020 Sweet Matcha is a blend of ceremonial grade Matcha tea and beet-sugar. Extra finely ground powder to make your own Matcha beverages and smoothies. Ready to serve hot or cold. For sweetener, non-genetically modified tensai-to (beet-sugar) cultivated in Hokkaido is used. Bright light green color. Actually this product is used by a lot of cafeterias and restaurants.