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  • Hojicha Powder Eco 100g

    €15.15 -15% €17.82

     Organic   Culinary   Special offer due to short best use date: 09/03/2022. powdered roasted green tea for blending and cooking. 100% organic. Gives beautiful brown color and delicious aroma of roasting. Ideal for cooking of ice-creams and pastries. This product is made for those who want to enjoy new green tea flavour other than Matcha in their cuisine. Actually this product is used by pastry chefs, restaurants and ice-cream makers.

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    Tencha Eco 50g

    €11.90 -15% €14.00

     ORGANIC TENCHA    Special offer due to short best use date: 09/03/2022. The green tea leaves before being ground into Matcha tea with a stone mill are called "Tencha". By eating tea leaves directly, you can ingest the whole healthy ingredients and fiber of tea. You can mix it with cooked rice and make rice balls and mix with rice porridge. Also you can use for pasta, yakisoba, even sweets like chocolates. Enjoy our unique and highly valued green tea we receive directly from our Matcha factory. Product of Japan. 100% organic.